A Copy of the Boarding Contract will be displayed below.

Rules of Boarding


Charges will be made for the day your dog comes in, if they leave before 11AM on that day you will not be charged.

Your dog must be inoculated up to date, card to be provided on admission.

You are required to bring your dog(s) to meet mine prior to booking to assess suitability for your dog to mix, and to inspect my facilities. I may have other dogs staying at the same time as yours. Your dog may mix with other boarders whilst under supervision but will not be left unattended together. Therefore my establishment may not be suitable for non “dog friendly” dogs.

If your dog has shown signs of aggression to dogs previously you are required to tell me so I can make an informed assessment.

Your dog will be fed on the food you have provided. This may be supplemented with my own if it runs out, or the dog has an upset stomach and requires a different diet.

My dogs have dental chews at bed time, and biscuits through the day. Please inform me of any allergies or if this is not appropriate.

My own dogs have regular flea prevention treatments, I don’t like fleas in my home. I request that your dog comes to me free from fleas. If I suspect that your dog has fleas I may give them a flea bath or frontline to be paid for on your return.

Sorry, I cannot accept Bull Terriers, male dogs must be neutered  between 6 and 7 months of age.

If your dog is insured (which I highly recommend) please supply details on admission. Your dog will be treated as my own and taken to the vet if I feel that is necessary. The bill to be paid on your return, if it’s not my fault. Your dog will be taken to your own vet if necessary, but I have a good relationship with Ambivet at Heanor, which is open 24 hours, if it is easier to go there, I will.


I give my permission for Mandy Wade to act as my agent at the vet of her choice, and will pay the bill on my return: