Prices of Boarding

Board         1 Dog £20 per night till 11am following morning

2 Dogs £33 a night

3 Dogs £46 a night

Day boarding                    1 dog £12                                                    

                                                    2 dogs £20                                                                                                                             

                              Reductions considered for long stays.

Behaviour Prices

2 hour home visit - £75 + £1 per mile travelling expenses

2 hour visit at my home with my dogs £60



“I am writing to tell you all about Mandy Wade AKA the Dog Whisperer. Mandy has been grooming my dog Sadie for approx. 6+ years. Over the last eighteen months I have also boarded Sadie with her on occasions such as Holidays and recently she came to my rescue when I had to go into Hospital at short notice.

I had no worried that Sadie would be well cared for and just as spoilt as she is at home, because uniquely unlike other Boarding establishments Mandy has them indoors with her and are treated as part of the family, they seem to love her as much as she loves them. They are all treated as individuals and catered for in any way they respond best to.  I could go on and on in my raise for this special lady.

I have enclosed a copy photo showing Mandy with some of her Boarders including Sadie, the little white one in her arms. You can see that all the dogs are happy and relaxed.

Mandy Wade is truly the Dog Whisperer and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a certified Boarder of dogs.”

A poem from Sadie’s owner



“Sadie’s Big Adventure

I’ve had a big Adventure,

Fun and frolics too.

Where at first I thought,
must have been a zoo.


I’ve been to Auntie Mandy’s,

My favourite friend of long.

She’s looking after me,
While my mummy’s gone.


She has four dogs,

Huge and hairy friends.

But now not scared, but curious,

I think we can be friends.


I have a secret crush on one,

He seems to like me too.

He’s been kind, gentle and welcoming,

Within this happy zoo.


Mummy’s home, I have to leave,

I’m feeling rather sad.

I’ll miss auntie Mandy and my friends,

The like I’ve never had.


I’ll visit again and greet them all,
we’ll do out doggy sniffs.

But can’t help hoping and wondering,

If there’s a future for me and cliff!”


Lucy, Barney, Teddie and Tara


“I can wholeheartedly recommend Mandy Wade’s dog boarding (and grooming) from personal experience. We have 4 dogs, 2 large and 2 small, all with different personalities, two of them being ‘clingy’ than the other 2. Yet from minute we walk in, ALL our dogs are at home. They are made to feel welcome and more importantly, loved. They are treated as Mandy’s own and settle instantly (after a short period of complete excitement!).


Having tried several kennels in the area, we can honestly say that none come up to Mandy’s standard. Our dogs even run to her front door as soon as they get out of the car, as they are so excited to see her………and they have NEVER done this anywhere else! They would normally pill back and be awkward about the whole thing and trying to move a 5 stone dog that doesn’t want to move is not an easy task I can tell you!


Our dogs are always happy and content when staying at Mandy’s and Mandy has often text us a picture of them while we are away, showing them relaxing on the sofa all snuggled together and happy. Which, on their first few stays, always put our minds at rest.


We can honestly say that we will never take out dogs anywhere else……. They love Mandy too much! And only the best will do for out four-legged family!”


“Dear Aunty Mandy,

We would just like to tell you how much we love staying with you when ‘our people’ go on holiday. Now don’t get us wrong, we really don’t like being apart from ‘our people’ at all, in fact we hate it, but on those occasions when we have to stay home, we have to tell you that you are the next best thing!


Our people have tried other kennels, but we were all miserable, we didn’t sleep (we all slept for a whole week when we got home), we couldn’t eat, and if we’re honest, we always came back a bit on the thin and ‘smelly’ side too. Not good!


But then we stayed with you… WOW, what a difference, this isn’t like going to kennels, it’s just like being at home with all the home comforts to go with it. We get our food, our own bed, and loads… and we mean LOADS of attention and cuddles, and we also have four doggy friends who live with you who are quite happy to share with us. It’s GREAT! Pure doggy luxury. We are just soooooo relaxed when we stay with you and can’t praise you enough and believe us when we say, if WE like it and can settle, then anyone with four legs and a waggy tail will be able to.


We love forward to seeing you soon Mandy.




Mandy’s Boarding Kennels are not the run of the mill.

They are excellent.

Your dog is made very welcome and they stay and sleep in a lovely and warm house, with a great garden to plan and have fun in.

Your dog will be treated so well you can go on holiday relaxed knowing your dog is well and truly cared for.

     5 Star treatment.

                 Gem’s Mum.



Raffi and Teddy


Although I run my own boarding Cattery. I would never leave my dogs in Kennels, so holidays were a problem, then I had the good fortune to meet Mandy through her grooming parlour.

Now my beloved Raffi and Teddy stay with Mandy whenever I am away.

They both love their time with Mandy and come home relaxed and happy, giving me total peace of mind.

Mandy is a genuine animal lover and not just a business. I would not hesitate in recommending Mandy.

My two babies wouldn’t go anywhere else.

     Tracey Thomas






To set the scene!-

     We have a dog called Jasper.

Jasper is very precious to us and is regarded as a member of our family.

We would not have holidays unless we could leave Jasper somewhere where he would be looked after as if he were at home.

We leave Jasper with Many, in a loving, safe and secure environment where we know he feels happy and content.

We would certainly recommend Mandy to other people who care about the welfare of their dog when they are away.

     Trevor  and Sue Penson




“Dear Mandy,

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to say, “thanks-a-million!” on behalf of my family, myself and particularly Zac the dog.

    Being a German Short-Haired Pointer, Zac is a dog that needs a lot of fun and games as well as a loving family environment. When we send Zac for a holiday at “Aunty Mandy’s” we know he will get all that and more.

     Zac is excited as soon as we arrive at your house, it’s great to see how your ‘pack’ welcome him in and play with him and he clearly loves you!

     The kids miss Zac when they are parted but they don’t fret about him when they know he is with you.

     I would also like to thank you for your input, advice and training skills, it is because of you that Zac has grown to be a lovely, well-behaved loving family pet!

     Our family will always recommend you to others for all matters canine: grooming; caring; behavioural educating.

           Thanks again,

           “The Anthony’s”




“Dear Mandy,

     Just wanted to write and say thank you again for looking after Baxter for us. We have used your boarding services a few times now and Baxter is always happy to stay. He enjoys spending time with his extended four legged family, and we know he is being looked after like you do your own dogs. We wouldn’t leave him anywhere else now!!


     Bev Barlow.”




“Dear Mandy,

     We are writing to express our sincere thanks for the care you took of “Poppy” whilst we were away, it was so reassuring that she seemed reluctant to leave, when we came to collect her!

We hope that you will be able to oblige when next we take a break!

     Thank-you again

     Mr & Mrs R. Cobb


Juno and Lily


Mandy regularly grooms our Cocker Spaniels Juno and Lily and also boards them when we go away. After our children, our dogs are among the most precious things in our lives and as such we are very particular with whom we have take care of them. When we are away we have peace of mind whenever they stay with Mandy, it’s like a home from home, and when we drop them off, they are always happy and excited to see her and the dogs. When Juno and Lily stay with Mandy, we know she does her utmost to ensure that our dogs are happy, well looked after, and are given cuddles and play time just like they do at home.

      From very happy customers Carol, Peter, Juno and Lily Gaughan




I have been a client of Mandy’s for the last four years. I have used all of her services. She is professional in her conduct whether you are using her for Grooming, Boarding, or Behavioural Therapy. She helped my dog Dan who was traumatised after an attack by another dog. She has groomed Dan since he was a puppy, and I have always been happy with the results. I have boarded Dan with Mandy knowing he would be in safe hands and given individual attention. It is important to know that your dog is cared for and looked after properly, and I trust Mandy to do that. I highly recommend her services. What Mandy does is not just a job, it is a vocation as she invests in every animal she deals with as if they were her own.

     Mrs Susan Newton.




“Dear Mandy,

     Thank you for having Buddy whilst we went away for a few days.

The service and hospitality you showed to him was wonderful.

When he came back home I could tell without a shadow of a doubt he had been cared for excellently.

I will be in touch again to book him in whilst we have a holiday.

     Once again, many thanks Mandy

     Sandra Fretwell





Sadie stayed with Mandy for 1 week in September. We went for a visit before the stay to see if she would settle with Mandy’s dogs.

During her stay, Mandy sent me text messages and photos of a very happy dog which made my holiday so much better. I had no worries and know that Sadie was having a good time

When I returned to the UK I was able to collect Sadie at a time which suited me.

I would have no hesitation in asking Mandy to look after Sadie again.

     Sue Lodge




“Dear Mandy,

     Thank you for looking after Sally while I was in hospital. She came back as happy & healthy as ever. It was just like a home from home for her.

     Thanks Again,

     Syd, Dawn & Sally.




I have been taking my Cocker Spaniel Jake to the Dog Whisperer to be clipped and groomed for a number of years now, I find it a very clean and friendly environment. Jake always settles when he gets there, and looks lovely when I go to pick him up.

     I recently had to go to hospital and Jake stayed a day and night with Mandy at the Dog Whisperer. I was pleased to be leaving him with Mandy. I knew that he got on with the other dogs and would be fed and exercised  well. I would definitely leave him at Mandy’s anytime. I would not hesitate to recommend the Dog Whisperer to anyone.

     Mr David Hunt and Jake




When you go away and you want your family pet to have as good time as you do, you can’t leave them in better care than with Mandy Wade.

    My dog Jason has a great time as is well cared for while I’m away. Nothing better, and peace of mind as well.

     Mrs Anne Dean


M Buxton


To Whom it may concern,

     Mandy Wade has groomed our dogs these last two years. She is absolutely amazing with them. She puts them at ease as soon as they enter. And my babies come out looking beautiful.

We left our Jack Russells with Mandy this June for 10 days whilst we were away.  Mandy sent us text photos of our babies cuddled up on her. We have never left our dogs with anyone in 9 years, so the comfort it made while missing them was very much appreciated.

And we would definitely recommend Mandy with anyone’s dogs.

     Yours sincerely

     M Buxton




Hi Mandy,

     It was so lovely to leave my dog, Maisie with somebody who was going to take care of her like she was at home.

It was nice to know she was in a home environment rather than a kennel.

Highly recommended.

     Many thanks,

      Vanessa B