Hello my name is Mandy and I would like to help you and your dog live in harmony with each other and help you learn to rehabilitate your dog and get rid of those unwanted behaviours that can cause you and your dog distress !

I am not a dog trainer in the usual sense, I don't do the "sit" "stay" obedience competition work, I am a Dog Whisperer, I teach you pack leadership for you to be able to communicate with your dog in "dog language" (its okay there is no barking involved).

People are inclined to think of their dogs behaviour problems in human terms and find themselves shouting and getting frustrated, which a dog sees as a weakness.

Dogs do not live in a world of democracy like us, they do not follow weakness, they need a pack leader, if you are not doing the job they will take it.

As much as the human is employing and paying me, I am also concerned about making the dog feel happy, as dogs that live in stressful situations cannot achieve happiness.

I have worked with dogs for 27 years, in kennels, and with rescue dogs, I have been a dog warden and also do dog grooming.

My advice is based on my own experiences and from watching Cesar Millan.  I have seen many different training methods over the years and have always thought there was something missing.  I discovered Cesar Millan in March 2007, which was a revelation to me.  That calm assertive energy was the missing link. 

I have always been able to handle dogs that other people couldn't both of an aggressive and nervous disposition. When i saw Cesar I realised that I have always been a dog whisperer.

I agree with most of Cesar Millan's methods although I do not agree with the use of 'prong collars' which have spikes that stick into the dog's neck, i am more inclined to use muzzles when necessary for every ones safety.

A lot of dog trainers write off dogs as being "untrainable" after a certain age.  I always believe that there is hope, no matter what age the dog is, or what the situation is, all dogs want to be balanced.  My dogs now help me rehabilitate other dogs, as the best way for dogs to learn not to be aggressive or nervous with other dogs is to learn from other dogs in a controlled environment.

I am good with dogs not computers, so i prefer not to do emails but you are welcome to telephone me with no obligation to make an appointment, and phone me back when you have discussed it with your "pack".

I and my pack hope to help you and yours soon !