Maggie is a seven year old Border Collie from working stock, full of energy, she is the only dog I have had from a puppy. 


Harvey was brought into the rescue kennels where I used to work by the Dog Warden, he had been picked up chasing cars.

He was an 18 month Collie who looked like a skeleton wrapped in skin. His owners did not want him back, their neighbour told the Dog Warden that Harvey had lived on the back yard and had never been in the house, he would run up and down the fence watching the cars go by.

He spent all day in the kennels jumping from one wall to the other and was absolutely potty.  Three dog trainers deemed him to be 'untrainable' and it was decided he should be put to sleep.

I took him home.  He ripped the car to bits on the way, when he saw a passing car he ripped the door panel off, the back seat was left in bits as he spent all the journey trying to get at the passing cars.  I ended up scrapping the car and getting an old estate which I could fit a cage in.

He was attacking the TV, washing machine etc, anything that moved !

He messed everywere in the house, I could not have food in the same room as him as he would snatch it and eat it.

When out walking he lunged at cars, pulling my shoulder and I would come home in tears with my hands bleeding, I shed many tears as I knew I either had to keep him or take him to be put to sleep.

When I discovered Cesar Millan on Sky TV I got Harvey walking properly and all his other problems fell into place.  He is now a beautiful seven year old boy who we love dearly, he is still potty but in a good way !

No longer in our home, but forever in our hearts.

Rest in peace 13/10/2011

Thank you for all your love.


I met Pippa four years ago when I went to groom her at her owners house.  She is long haired and was matted all over and covered in wee and poo. 

She was seven and a half years old at the time and lived in a shed with two other dogs.  Whilst I was grooming her the owner walked past and she flinched.  I asked the owner to "leave me to it" so I was alone with her and Pippa was fine.  As I collected my gear to go home Pippa sat by it at the door, the owner suggested that I take her with me as she admitted that she did not want her, and thats how i came by number 3. 


My fifeteen year old son and I felt 'broody' for another dog, so we went to a border collie rescue centre and asked for the dog that had been there the longest with the worst behavioural problems.  Clifford had been in the centre for about a year after being picked up as a stray in Ireland.  
He was the most nervous dog possible and didn't even like being handled by the people that had dealt with him during all his time at the centre.  He had been adopted out early in his stay but had run off, hurting a man and his dog, biting the back of the man's legs, since then no-one else had been interested in looking at him.
I took my other three dogs with us and he was happy running with them, but would not let us touch him.  We put him in the car and set off, when we got home he had wedged himself under the front seat of the car and my son and I had to pull him out!  We did not try to touch him after this we just left him to come to us when he was ready.
A couple of days later, he approached us following the other dogs lead and now he wants to be a lap dog and cuddle all day long.  he has the most wonderful gentle energy, and we are blessed to have him.  
His name was "Toby" in the kennels so we called him "Clifford" as he is red and white, after the big red dog cartoon on TV.
My dogs now help me to rehabilitate other dogs as the best way for dogs to learn not to be aggressive or nervous is to be with other dogs in a controlled environment.